Teutonic and Majestic launched

The Teutonic and Majestic liners were launched from the Harland & Wolff shipyards in Belfast. The steam ships were the most advanced on the Atlantic route, with a greater capacity and capable of a greater speed than any other vessel at sea.

Belfast did not seem a likely place for a shipbuilding boom. It did not have its own coal, iron deposits or large sources of timber. However its booming linen trade made it an important trading port.

In the mid-19th century several improvements were made to the docks in Belfast, creating three artificial islands in the city. One of these, Queen's Island, became the centre for shipbuilding. Harland & Wolff, established in the 1850s, was the most famous of several shipbuilding yards set up on Queen's island. With their engineering and design innovation, they soon became very successful. When they won a contract with the White Star Line, Harland & Wolff could be said to be one of the greatest shipbuilding yards in the world. By 1890, it employed 9000 workers.

Industry, Shipbuilding
SS Teutonic, Kingstown, Co. Dublin.
National Library of Ireland [L_CAB_06494]