Redistribution of Seats Act
The Purchase of Land Act
General Election
Gladstone returns as Prime Minister
Randolph Churchill at the Ulster Hall
Belfast Riots
Home Rule Bill defeated in House of Commons
Coercion Act
Belfast receives Charter to become a City
Teutonic and Majestic launched


Irish Parliamentary Party vote to oust Parnell
Killing Home Rule with Kindness
Ulster Unionist Convention
Gladstone returns as Prime Minister
Gaelic League established
House of Lords rejects Second Home Rule Bill
Royal Commission on Labour


Strike by Engineers at Harland & Wolff Shipyard
Public Health Committee in Belfast
The Local Government Act 1898
Pioneer Total Abstinence Association established
Oceanic is launched


Irish Parliamentary Party re-united
Queen Victoria dies
Factory and Workshop Act
St Patrick's day designated a Bank Holiday
Wyndham Irish Land Act
Festival of the Glens
Irish Reform Association Manifesto published


Revival of Republicanism
General Election
Belfast City Hall opened
Nationalist Joseph Devlin wins West Belfast Seat
Census of Production
Belfast Dock Strike
Old Age Pensions Act
Universities Act
Irish Women's Franchise League formed
Tuberculosis Prevention Act
The People's Budget


General Election
Ulster Unionist Council forms a Secret Committee
Titanic launched in Belfast
Parliament Act passed
Carson addresses Anti-Home Rule Rally
National Insurance Act
Winston Churchill at Celtic Park
Anti-Home Rule Rally in South Belfast
Liberals propose Third Home Rule Bill
Titanic Sinks
Mass meeting of Irish suffrage Societies
Sectarian Violence in Belfast
Ulster Day -  Ulster  Covenant signed
Home Rule Bill defeated by the House of Lords
UVF formed
Dublin Lockout
Inaugural meeting of Irish Citizen Army
Inaugural Meeting of the Irish Volunteers
Importation of Arms is Prohibited
Lloyd George proposes a County Option Concession
Curragh Incident
Suffragists burn Whiteabbey Mansion
UVF smuggles Guns into Ulster
Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated
Buckingham Palace Conference
Irish Volunteers land Rifles at Howth
Germany invades Belgium
Britain declares War on Germany
BEF travel to France and Belgium
Battle of Mons
Home Rule Bill enacted
First Battle of Ypres


Lusitania torpedoed off Coast of Ireland
IRB establish Military Committee
Arms bound for the Easter Rising intercepted
Easter Rising in Dublin
Rising ends - Ring Leaders executed
Battle of the Somme begins
Unrestricted German Submarine Warfare
First Meeting of Lloyd George Irish Convention
Battle of Messines
Third Battle of Ypres
Southern Palestine Offensive
Support for Sinn Féin increases
Representation of the People Act
Anti-Conscription Committee formed
Armistice ends the First World War
General Election
First Meeting of Dáil Eireann
War of Independence begins
Belfast Strike
Treaty of Versailles


RIC enrolls first British Recruits
Local Government Elections
Government of Ireland Bill introduced in the Commons
Riots in Londonderry
The UVF revived
Expulsions from Harland & Wolff
Dáil boycotts Goods from Firms in Belfast
Formation of the USC announced
Bloody Sunday
Northern and Southern Ireland Elections
King George V opens new Parliament
British Army and IRA agree Truce
Anglo-Irish Conference begins in London
Increased Sectarian Violence in Northern Ireland
Anglo-Irish Treaty signed
Power transfers to Provisional Government
New IRA Campaign begins
Belfast Violence
Peace Agreement between Craig and Collins
Michael Collins reinforces the IRA in the North
RUC is formed
Internment is introduced
Southern Ireland Election
Irish Civil War begins
Provisional Government adopts Peace Policy
Act abolishes Proportional Representation
Irish Free State Constitution
Belfast Board of Guardians Demonstration
Conference on the Boundary Commission


General Election in Northern Ireland
Boundary Commission Report leaked
Boundary Commission Report suppressed