Redistribution of Seats Act
The Purchase of Land Act
General Election
Gladstone returns as Prime Minister
Randolph Churchill at the Ulster Hall
Belfast Riots
Home Rule Bill defeated in House of Commons
Coercion Act
Killing Home Rule with Kindness
Gladstone returns as Prime Minister
House of Lords rejects Second Home Rule Bill
Royal Commission on Labour
The Local Government Act 1898
Queen Victoria dies
Factory and Workshop Act
St Patrick's day designated a Bank Holiday
Wyndham Irish Land Act
General Election
Old Age Pensions Act
Universities Act
Irish Women's Franchise League formed
The People's Budget
General Election
Ulster Unionist Council forms a Secret Committee
Parliament Act passed
National Insurance Act
Anti-Home Rule Rally in South Belfast
Liberals propose Third Home Rule Bill
Mass meeting of Irish suffrage Societies
Sectarian Violence in Belfast
Home Rule Bill defeated by the House of Lords
Importation of Arms is Prohibited
Lloyd George proposes a County Option Concession
Buckingham Palace Conference
Irish Volunteers land Rifles at Howth
Representation of the People Act
Anti-Conscription Committee formed
General Election
First Meeting of Dáil Eireann
Government of Ireland Bill introduced in the Commons
Northern and Southern Ireland Elections
King George V opens new Parliament
Internment is introduced
Irish Free State Constitution
Boundary Commission Report suppressed