The Purchase of Land Act
General Election
Gladstone returns as Prime Minister
Home Rule Bill defeated in House of Commons
Irish Parliamentary Party vote to oust Parnell
Gladstone returns as Prime Minister
House of Lords rejects Second Home Rule Bill
The Local Government Act 1898
Irish Parliamentary Party re-united
Wyndham Irish Land Act
Nationalist Joseph Devlin wins West Belfast Seat
The People's Budget
General Election
Ulster Unionist Council forms a Secret Committee
Liberals propose Third Home Rule Bill
Mass meeting of Irish suffrage Societies
Sectarian Violence in Belfast
Home Rule Bill defeated by the House of Lords
Inaugural Meeting of the Irish Volunteers
Curragh Incident
Buckingham Palace Conference
Britain declares War on Germany
BEF travel to France and Belgium
Rising ends - Ring Leaders executed
First Meeting of Lloyd George Irish Convention
Support for Sinn Féin increases
Anti-Conscription Committee formed
General Election
Local Government Elections
Northern and Southern Ireland Elections
Anglo-Irish Conference begins in London
Southern Ireland Election
Act abolishes Proportional Representation
General Election in Northern Ireland